Well, another shift has come and gone and I am just wondering what is going to happen tomorrow. If I can, I will have to make a special trip to the bank to get my card since I left it stuck in the machine while I was going to check my balance.I didn’t know what I was thinking when I left it there.But if I am able to make it there then I can pull out some money out of my account and use it for parking.I can leave the house early and head off to the gym after I get the money.But I have to look at the positives of this situation.At least I will have the right amount of money for the bank to take deductions out of my account so I don’t have to worry about not having enough money in there.

Before when the months end I would always be worried about whether or not I would have enough money to cover my expenses.Now that I have been held without a card for the last few days it sort of curbed my spending in a way.Hopefully I don’t have to use my credit card to pay for parking because I owe too much money on it as it is.These days credit cards themselves can be very expensive depending on the interest rates and how much the bank takes in service charges.But credit cards should be used in emergencies only and not frivolous spending.

But anyway, I will say for tonight that the gas bar was not very busy leading up to the end of my shift since it is a Sunday and most people by this day always go home to get ready for the week of work.To my surprise though, the beer house was closed early tonight due to some training program that the employees are doing.I don’t know what they’re training for but I would say that the restaurant or management want them to be up to date with their skills since maybe there are some things or areas that need improving.


Brazil’s Economic Problem/Gas Journal

I wonder when this will occur since Brazil I have to say is in an economic slump according to Business Week magazine. It seems to me that the country has gone through a lot of presidents in not a very long period of time. In fact they went through two presidents. One losing in elections while another being ousted by the people. It is going to take a long time before the country gets back to economic prosperity but that’s easier said than done because their government has been corrupted for years making the distribution of wealth even more of a challenge because the wealth isn’t evenly distributed just like in the US in which the gap between the rich and poor is wider in both countries.

Anyway, I am smitten to be working with this Filipino girl since it has been weeks or even a month that I have worked with her. Next Sunday though I have to work with this guy who is sometimes stoic in a way since the guy hardly says a word to me. And from what I have heard he is always in somewhat of a depressed mood but I don’t want to tell him that because he might get defensive in a way.It would be undiplomatic for me to do that. Besides we are all abnormal in our own way and we are all humans and it would be hypocritical of me to say that I am perfectly normal when in some ways I am not.

But overall tonight shouldn’t be too busy since it is a Sunday and not many customers will be coming since they will be getting ready for the work week on Monday.

Quick Fuel Note

Just some short note that I thought that I would get out during this short intermission. It looks like before by break that I was pretty busy due to the low gas price that I am working with at the station. I don’t know why it is that we have to wait at the last minute before we change our price while everyone changes theirs way before. I guess in a way that we want to try and attract the most customers and make the most money I guess. But looking at the figures¬†it hasn’t really changed our business a lot because we are still making the same amount of money from years ago.


Just back at this blog once again and I have to say that I finally learned something very interesting about this Adobe Illustrator that I have been taking for the last three weeks. I had learned that this program along with the Photoshop can be used for business and marketing because I saw so many logos that have been done for most NYSE and/or Fortune 500 companies.The graphic designers have probably either used Illustrator and Photoshop combined or they have done the logos manually.I think that most of the logos have been done by hand on a drafting board since these logos are owned by businesses which have been around for a long time.Probably way long before I was born even.So I have to say that I should learn this Illustrator and see where it takes me.Particularly the graphic design because I could make a whole lot of money doing this.But that depends if companies are willing to hire me.

But I have to say that tonight’s class was very interesting to say the least because I did some logos which I talked about earlier tonight while writing this.And since it is late I will try and get in a few words before calling it a night. I must say that there are so many corporate logos that I saw on Google photo that I didn’t know which one to use as an idea to create one for my assignments. But I managed to get some ideas and I have to say that I got both of them done along with my other assignment.So I will see if I am able to get some marks back that I lost from the tracing exercise that I have been struggling with for days.But regardless I will continue to practice on it because even though its tough I think that it is an important part of the program.In fact, the pen tool is an important part of all the Adobe programs.

Friendship And Business Don’t Mix

Good evening.Just on break right now and I would like to take some time off to reflect on my shift earlier as to what occurred. And let me tell you, I am happy that I came to work in the afternoon and not the morning because if I had to come this morning then I would have had to endure a lot of stress from this customer who happened to give my supervisor a hard time. It had to do with a coupon that was expired. A customer tried to give a coupon to my supervisor which was expired and then got all upset when we couldn’t take the coupon. Then the customer stormed out of the gas bar and decided to complain to management after giving some obscene gesture to my supervisor. Then management phoned the gas station and told her to give them the discount while the coupon had already expired. Like how is that for foul?

But I don’t know where it is said that management in any retail outlet can decide to break their own policies and get away with it. I didn’t want to say this but this incident that I heard from my coworker told me right there that most management can get away with doing things like this if they know the customers or they are friends with it. Now I think that there is a big problem with bringing on friendship or popularity when it comes to business. Another words putting friendship before business is a problem when it comes to running a business since a business is made to make money not to provide free bees for friends or act as some sort of social club in which people can get things for free or some discounts that are no longer valid. Businesses are there to make money and be firm when trying to make a profit.

Another problem that I have to point out is when managers are not very firm or assertive with their customers just so they can be friends with them or become popular in a sense just to gain a customers approval or to make them happy. When you are running a business a manager has to be firm, bold and put feelings their feeling aside and forget the friendship mentality because managers have to make a living and help the business make a profit because profits while they can be made can also be lost if managers aren’t firm. Of course, employees for the most part lose respect for their employers if they try to put in friendship before business and are not firm with customers who have the intention of giving employees a hard time.

I know this was a long entry but I had to come out and say my piece about this because what I heard tonight was not a good example of running a business and gaining respect from customers and employees.

NFL Notes Regarding The New England Patriots/Atlanta Falcons

Hello sports fans.I am back again here with another sports blog entry and looks like we are going see another game in the NFL.But what I really want to say that that the Super Bowl is set.The New England Patriots will once again be heading into the Super Bowl. This will be their 7th trip to the big game under the helm of Tom Brady.They will be going against the Atlanta Falcons who managed to run all over the Green Bay Packers. Of course the game against the Patriots will be a very good you guys out there are Atlanta fans. Both the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers were losers and that’s very unfortunate since I was cheering for the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh. But I have give my two thumbs up to the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots for playing their games and winning¬†them.

As to who will win the Super Bowl my lips are sealed and shut.I am mum about it.The only way for you to tell who will win is to watch the game and make up your own conclusions.


NFL Quick Note

So, I guess that this is going to be it tomorrow for the NFL Playoffs.It comes down to two games left in the season before the Super Bowl comes.It will be the NFC and the AFC Championships and the winners will be playing in the Super Bowl. Who will it be? Will it be Pittsburgh or New England in the AFC? Or will it be Atlanta or Green Bay in the NFC side? I don’t know since the only way to tell is to watch the games tomorrow.