This is an intro page while at the same time testing this blog to see if it works on my feed. If it does work I will be implementing this onto my other platforms.Just thought I would set up another blog just so that I can keep busy writing some of my thoughts down here. This blog will be about news from my so called life while maybe reporting other news from traditional media outlets in North America and Europe.I will also do business news and a bit of sports so that I can get some dialogue going.I had another blog on this site but it is used on a bimonthly basis while the other one I have is more private for myself.So,I will just keep this one as public as possible.

I will be using this along with my other blogs that I have on a different site.Which reminds me, I should do more business reporting on here since I will probably post some entries from this blog onto my LinkedIn profile just so show my connectors or followers that I can write some stuff in here. Of course I will have to watch what I put just in case I get into some legal trouble with regards to plagiarism or copyright violations.But mainly plagiarism.This is a short entry while I am testing this blog at the same time.If it works then I will be writing in here frequently.

Well, that’s all I have for now since I have ran out of ideas and this is only and introduction.



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