Slow Night And Customer Complaints

Good evening.It was another slow night at the gas bar and I have to say that it looks like things are back to normal since the Christmas season has come and gone. I knew that things were going to be like this after the holiday rush.Things business wise were not going to change since still the company is struggling to keep afloat regarding the price change of most items in the store.That’s what happens when a business waits too long to solve problems when they arise. They just accumulate or just stay the same but mostly I would say accumulate.

Like when I was outside on my break after coming out of the store to put the food in my truck I overheard some customers complaining about the prices in the store due to some mistake made regarding the prices.Of course they are not the only ones there are a lot of customers that I haven’t seen in a long while who have stopped shopping there.Which tells me that the business itself has lost the race to it’s competitors since some customers have already decided that they weren’t going to wait and just shop elsewhere.In business as in life you never get a second chance to make a first impression.Also,it’s easy to attract customers it’s even harder to keep them and the hardest to get them back.

So that is pretty much what happened tonight.The customers I overheard talk about the pricing while I was on my break they probably won’t come back to shop at the store again and will just go elsewhere to do their grocery purchases.I am not sure but I have guess my bottom dollar on it because once a customer is gone they’re gone for life.Of course there are other issues that I will talk about regarding any business that causes them to lose customers but this calls for another entry.

But I must say that business was pretty slow overall and that’s to be expected after the holidays and even before the holiday season approached.Which is not a very good sign in my eyes.


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