Notes On Illustrator

Well, I did not get much writing done today since I spent most of my day working on Illustrator and I must say that the book I am using for the program is better than the book for the older version I am using.It`s easier to understand than the other one I was using.But I have to say that it is written the same way since it was written by the same company which has made the program.It looks like I will be doing more of the same thing tomorrow morning after I get everything else done such as writing in my blogs and other things such as looking at my e-mail accounts.But mostly I will be spending most of my time studying Illustrator and seeing where it takes me regarding my goal of being a graphic designer.

Now I don`t know how I will get there and how I will land a gig but like everything else in life I have to take it one day at a time and one course at a time.Then I will see what happens.But I would like to dabble in other things as well such as business,marketing and economics since they would give me something to fall back on just in case the graphic design does not work out well because from what I have heard graphic design is not as steady as being a lawyer,physician or engineer when it comes to money or pay.So I guess some people were right.I should find something which is more steady.

Which reminds me I should strum up a portfolio of some sort and put it on display on one of my social network accounts but I am having a hard time accessing some of the stuff my sister sent me to my e-mail regarding getting started on a portfolio. It is a bunch of tutorials that is supposed to help me get started on putting together a portfolio for my work in Photoshop but some of the exercises I could not access since there were no longer there. So, I will have to find some other tutorials I can use to get some sort of work strummed together.


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