Chargers Moving To Los Angeles

Good evening.I really wanted to write about my day at work tonight but I ran into some news which caught my attention. I ran into an article about football which I think will probably won’t do much good for this team.The San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles today.So it looks like San Diego will be without an NFL team.How the Chargers will do next season remains to be seen since Los Angeles already has a football team called the Rams which has moved from St.Louis and ended up with a losing season this season. So I have to say that moving teams don’t always bode well for them because they have to deal with not only the draft picks of the players but the coaching changes.

Look at what happened to the Cleveland Browns who moved to Baltimore years ago and then moved back to Cleveland again.They haven’t had a winning season since from way back as far as I can remember. Other teams have done it and haven’t really had any winning seasons. So moving teams doesn’t help anyone and I am surprised and somewhat disappointed that San Diego won’t have a football team. I know that San Diego fans have to be very upset and I don’t blame them for being upset.I don’t know what provoked the move but I think that there has to be some sort of agenda behind it by the team owners and management. But hey, I am having to look at this from a business perspective and say that San Diego isn’t really a marketable city as Los Angeles.

Plus there are probably more people in Los Angeles than San Diego. So I guess from a business standpoint that moving to Los Angeles makes more sense in their minds.Like what’s the point of keeping a team in a city where no audience exists?From a marketing standpoint it doesn’t make sense to market to an audience that just isn’t there.And San Diego isn’t really a big sporting city as Los Angeles where in LA they have the Dodgers, Rams,Kings,Angels,Lakers and Clippers.LA has a lot of sports fans while San Diego only has the Padres.So from a marketing/business standpoint it made sense for them to move to LA but I am wondering about the principle of this move since a lot of fans wanted the Chargers to say in San Diego.But people just don’t understand the business of sports as a whole and its purpose.


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