Gas/Retail Notes On Problems With Pricing Items And Coupons

Now, I was going to write somewhere else but since I am here on this site I might as well just let my thoughts run wild. Anyway, it looks like its going to be another work day but this time it’s on a Sunday.I guess I sort of gotten over that little small critique from my supervisor and I am feeling a bit better. Although I have to say that I would have thought that she would have solved this problem that we have been having at the gas bar or problems we have been having regarding the pricing of tobacco products and issues we have been having with the coupons. But that hasn’t been the case since we are still having issues with them.

So I asked my supervisor about it and lets just say that I didn’t really get the answers I was looking for. It just seemed that  she wasn’t happy with answering my questions as to why we were having these issues.I would have thought that as a manager that she would look into these problems as managers do and find out why these have been the case.But no, the answers I got from her seemed like she didn’t want to say anything to me or she didn’t really care and out of these two answers I would have to say the latter.And that to me right there says that this isn’t a form of good management. Not knowing how things are run especially when it comes to pricing items then not taking the time to find out why this is the case isn’t a form of good management.

People who work with me complain of the same problems but yet are left holding the bag because of the problem not being solved or taken care of. And this is what I have been talking about in some blogs about letting problems accumulate or leave at a standstill and what can happen if this happens.They stay the same or they get bigger.But with new management taking over the company I am hoping that these problems get solved and the stores can run smoothly and successfully.But it’s not a one day process. It is a long term goal and I am hoping it stays a long term goal.


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