Illustrator Notes For Tonight

I didn’t get a chance to do any writing today since I was pretty much occupied with the Adobe Illustrator. The exercise I am doing for the program pretty much kept me busy. So busy to the point that I nearly forgot all about this journal and my other ones. I don’t know what it is about the Illustrator but I have to say that it is giving me much more problems that I expected.It’s even harder to use than Auto CAD. But slowly and gradually I am getting the hang of it. Like the Photoshop it is going to take me more time to learn it than the 4 weeks that I am taking the course. I am wondering though what made me choose this graphic design since it seems a lot tougher than doing drafting for construction companies.

Plus from what I heard from my instructor, graphic designers work a lot for very little money due to the changes they have to make for a client because of something not done right or an item being sent out of place.It seems that everyone’s got a complaint in every field and graphic design is no exception. But I guess it’s part of any business and we all have to think about the fact that we cannot make every person happy especially some customers who are often the ones that complain most of the time.This of course depends on the customer and the nature of the job itself. And I would have to say that this is what I will be dealing with if I get into the graphic design business.

Is that I am going to have to deal with clients complaints and concerns. Just like everyone else,clients or customers are people or humans. Complaining is just a part of human nature even though in a way it doesn’t solve many problems. Whether we are in graphic design,business,law,engineering and medicine, we are all going to have to deal with customers and clients who complain if something we did isn’t right. They are our bread and butter and they are the ones who determine whether or not we will stay in business or remain employed.So I guess it’s best that we just find ways to deal with them and do the best we can to meet their needs.


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