Fuel Report/Business Publications And Notes

Well, I am still up and about even though I should be fast asleep. I just wanted to talk about something that I saw last night as I was going to class. I saw the gas prices and I have to say that we aren’t going to be paying low prices anytime soon because I just saw both the price of regular and diesel fuel and they are both over $1/liter. I saw the price of premium and I have to say that premium is almost about 1.15/liter. It seems to me that gas prices aren’t going to be going down.I could be wrong because I was driving in the northwest part of Calgary and not the Southwest.

Anyway, it was nice for me to read a bit about business because looking at graphic designing stuff has gotten to me. I really do miss the figures, economics, and other parts of the business glossary.But most of all I do miss entrepreneurship and other stuff related to business.Which is one of the reasons why I haven’t written much of anything in any of my other blogs related to business.I have been focusing so much on graphic designing and just finding ways of putting together a portfolio of my work from both Photoshop and Illustrator.

So far I haven’t been able to do that since I have always been thinking about how I can get into the business side of the graphic design industry because no person can be a graphic designer forever no matter how good they care. And of course this goes for any industry which people are not able to move up during their careers despite the hard work they are doing on the computers just drawing a lot of pictures and other productive things.Graphic designing is really a young persons game and not for old people but I could be wrong about that because maybe there are old people over 50 doing graphic designing.


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