Fuel Notes

Good evening. Back here with another blog post and I just want to talk about my night at the gas bar since there wasn’t there in excitement.I must say that it was great working again today and I will be back at it once again tomorrow.But I was a bit surprised with the fact that I didn’t really see this guy tonight that I usually joke with.He had the day off tonight according to his wife.So I will probably see him tomorrow night when he is in the store. He should be in tomorrow since I have been seeing him frequently while I am at work. I have almost been working everyday since last year came but now I am working a lot less hours at the gas bar while heading to school. But let’s just say that I have been regulated to part time hours which in a way is good because it will give me a chance to focus on school.

The bad part of this is that I am not making as much money as I want to and that has to put a lot of pressure on my savings account due to the items I am always buying.Like I am buying food,gas,bills and other expenses which I have trouble naming. Since I am getting paid every two weeks,it has been very hard for me to save any sort of money or making another source of income. Now that this week is about over and next week is around the corner, I am having to think about what is going to happen next week and to my savings. I am once again having to think about the days ahead as to how I am going to pay for parking when I get to school on Monday.


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