Friendship And Business Don’t Mix

Good evening.Just on break right now and I would like to take some time off to reflect on my shift earlier as to what occurred. And let me tell you, I am happy that I came to work in the afternoon and not the morning because if I had to come this morning then I would have had to endure a lot of stress from this customer who happened to give my supervisor a hard time. It had to do with a coupon that was expired. A customer tried to give a coupon to my supervisor which was expired and then got all upset when we couldn’t take the coupon. Then the customer stormed out of the gas bar and decided to complain to management after giving some obscene gesture to my supervisor. Then management phoned the gas station and told her to give them the discount while the coupon had already expired. Like how is that for foul?

But I don’t know where it is said that management in any retail outlet can decide to break their own policies and get away with it. I didn’t want to say this but this incident that I heard from my coworker told me right there that most management can get away with doing things like this if they know the customers or they are friends with it. Now I think that there is a big problem with bringing on friendship or popularity when it comes to business. Another words putting friendship before business is a problem when it comes to running a business since a business is made to make money not to provide free bees for friends or act as some sort of social club in which people can get things for free or some discounts that are no longer valid. Businesses are there to make money and be firm when trying to make a profit.

Another problem that I have to point out is when managers are not very firm or assertive with their customers just so they can be friends with them or become popular in a sense just to gain a customers approval or to make them happy. When you are running a business a manager has to be firm, bold and put feelings their feeling aside and forget the friendship mentality because managers have to make a living and help the business make a profit because profits while they can be made can also be lost if managers aren’t firm. Of course, employees for the most part lose respect for their employers if they try to put in friendship before business and are not firm with customers who have the intention of giving employees a hard time.

I know this was a long entry but I had to come out and say my piece about this because what I heard tonight was not a good example of running a business and gaining respect from customers and employees.


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