Just back at this blog once again and I have to say that I finally learned something very interesting about this Adobe Illustrator that I have been taking for the last three weeks. I had learned that this program along with the Photoshop can be used for business and marketing because I saw so many logos that have been done for most NYSE and/or Fortune 500 companies.The graphic designers have probably either used Illustrator and Photoshop combined or they have done the logos manually.I think that most of the logos have been done by hand on a drafting board since these logos are owned by businesses which have been around for a long time.Probably way long before I was born even.So I have to say that I should learn this Illustrator and see where it takes me.Particularly the graphic design because I could make a whole lot of money doing this.But that depends if companies are willing to hire me.

But I have to say that tonight’s class was very interesting to say the least because I did some logos which I talked about earlier tonight while writing this.And since it is late I will try and get in a few words before calling it a night. I must say that there are so many corporate logos that I saw on Google photo that I didn’t know which one to use as an idea to create one for my assignments. But I managed to get some ideas and I have to say that I got both of them done along with my other assignment.So I will see if I am able to get some marks back that I lost from the tracing exercise that I have been struggling with for days.But regardless I will continue to practice on it because even though its tough I think that it is an important part of the program.In fact, the pen tool is an important part of all the Adobe programs.


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