Brazil’s Economic Problem/Gas Journal

I wonder when this will occur since Brazil I have to say is in an economic slump according to Business Week magazine. It seems to me that the country has gone through a lot of presidents in not a very long period of time. In fact they went through two presidents. One losing in elections while another being ousted by the people. It is going to take a long time before the country gets back to economic prosperity but that’s easier said than done because their government has been corrupted for years making the distribution of wealth even more of a challenge because the wealth isn’t evenly distributed just like in the US in which the gap between the rich and poor is wider in both countries.

Anyway, I am smitten to be working with this Filipino girl since it has been weeks or even a month that I have worked with her. Next Sunday though I have to work with this guy who is sometimes stoic in a way since the guy hardly says a word to me. And from what I have heard he is always in somewhat of a depressed mood but I don’t want to tell him that because he might get defensive in a way.It would be undiplomatic for me to do that. Besides we are all abnormal in our own way and we are all humans and it would be hypocritical of me to say that I am perfectly normal when in some ways I am not.

But overall tonight shouldn’t be too busy since it is a Sunday and not many customers will be coming since they will be getting ready for the work week on Monday.


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