Well, another shift has come and gone and I am just wondering what is going to happen tomorrow. If I can, I will have to make a special trip to the bank to get my card since I left it stuck in the machine while I was going to check my balance.I didn’t know what I was thinking when I left it there.But if I am able to make it there then I can pull out some money out of my account and use it for parking.I can leave the house early and head off to the gym after I get the money.But I have to look at the positives of this situation.At least I will have the right amount of money for the bank to take deductions out of my account so I don’t have to worry about not having enough money in there.

Before when the months end I would always be worried about whether or not I would have enough money to cover my expenses.Now that I have been held without a card for the last few days it sort of curbed my spending in a way.Hopefully I don’t have to use my credit card to pay for parking because I owe too much money on it as it is.These days credit cards themselves can be very expensive depending on the interest rates and how much the bank takes in service charges.But credit cards should be used in emergencies only and not frivolous spending.

But anyway, I will say for tonight that the gas bar was not very busy leading up to the end of my shift since it is a Sunday and most people by this day always go home to get ready for the week of work.To my surprise though, the beer house was closed early tonight due to some training program that the employees are doing.I don’t know what they’re training for but I would say that the restaurant or management want them to be up to date with their skills since maybe there are some things or areas that need improving.


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