The Commodities Report

Not a lot of time right now to write fully so I will be brief by giving some of the commodities report. The last time I checked while I was working was the gas price was sitting at about $1.05/liter.I don’t know the exact price of the grades I sell but the price I talked about is the price of the regular grade.I will have to check for the exact prices when I get to work.

For the oil price, the last time I checked was that we were sitting at about $54/barrel.I will have to check the price of the other elements such as gold,silver and platinum.But for now all I can get are the oil prices but we shouldn’t hold our hopes on the oil industry coming back fully because as far as I can tell there are still no jobs right now.Also, our dollar is still sitting below a dollar.So much for the economy improving.


Short Notes On Steve Young

I wanted to write another entry in here last night but I got so tired that I had to wait until now to do some writing in here.Now I have some more sports to talk about here because it has to do with an article I read in  Business Week magazine about former NFL player Steve Young.Steve Young was the quarter back for the San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.He won one Super Bowl with the 49ers and then retired after a couple of seasons with the team. I read about him and apparently I found out that he now works in Finance.

But I did manage to find some very interesting stuff about him. He is not only a financier he is also a broadcaster who worked for ESPN and is now working for another network,I don’t know which one it is.But I have to say that he is also a lawyer too since getting his law degree from BYU. So he seems like a very educated individual and smart as well.Not a whole lot of players are able to make the transition from player to professional because often times what happens is that after they retire they end up broke because of a lack of purpose and mismanagement of finances.

So it seems that he managed to find his purpose after his NFL career ended unlike most players who end up broke after their careers.I don’t think they weren’t able to find their purpose either and post playing careers too like Steve Young was able to.

NHL And The Olympics

Just getting fatigued in taking in other content from the Net.So I will just start presenting my own content.Now that I am here what am I going to talk about? Not a whole lot since I am not able to come up with any topics.So I will just talk about sports since not much business news has come up.There seems to be no word on whether or not the NHL Players Union is going to allow NHL players to play in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. The NHL has been talking with the IOC to see if this will take place and I imagine they haven’t really come to a decision yet.Or maybe they have but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

And by the looks of things I don’t think that the NHL is going to let players play in the Olympic Games due to the travel insurance and costs that it has to endure due to traveling expenses it has to pay. As I have been saying, traveling is not cheap especially when they have to consider not only insurance but costs such as airplane tickets and maybe passport renewals.So it will be cost that the NHL will have to cover for the players.But I would have to say that the NHL isn’t really that big internationally since not many people watch the games on TV and live.To reach world markets they would really have to market themselves aggressively like the NBA,NFL and to some extent MLB in order to make the money that they need.

Ice hockey isn’t really a big sport around the world.The countries that the sport is popular in are Canada, Russia, Switzerland,Finland,Sweden and to some extent the United States.And this is because the nations I have mentioned are countries which have snow and they’re winter nations while in other countries around the world they never get a lot of snow.So what is the point of marketing a sport that’s not very popular globally?If you look at American football,baseball and basketball those sports are popular globally and the chances of growing an audience globally are high.While ice hockey on the other hand isn’t as popular globally.This is not to say that the NHL isn’t big globally. It is getting there.But I have to say that it isn’t popular and the market out there for the sport is non existent.

So in closing, ice hockey will be played but probably using a lot of amateur players and not NHL players but we will have to take a wait and see approach on that.


Gasoline Notes

Just got back from work and I have to say that it was a real awkward experience.Well, I wouldn’t say that.It was quite an experience having no source of transportation but I have dealt with this kind of adversity before and today was no exception.I guess it is something that we all have to deal with whether in business or in life.It is something we all have to go through.With the cold weather and no transportation I had to find a way to go to the bookstore for my break.So I decided to go on foot even though it was a very far distance.

Anyway, I was glad that I didn’t see this customer again because I was just about to lose my mind over him.It was even better that I didn’t have to face another customer like the one I served yesterday or last night.And my supervisor agreed with me and my coworker about that customer and the anger she felt at my assistant manager for allowing this customer to get the extra discount.I am glad that this problem was taken care of and some sort of intervention had taken place because it’s one thing to give free discounts.It’s another to do it so frequently to the point in having the business lose money this way.

But everything seemed to settle down today and I am happy about that.Now if we can only find a way to improve the weather then I will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Customer Hassle Regarding Fuel Price/Auto Breakdown

It has been one of those nights I would like to forget.Just a trickle of events which has occurred tonight.First, dealing with a customer complaining about the price of diesel we had since he made the assumption that every gas station should have the same price of fuel not understanding that we based our prices on the gas stations around our area.Like I just about lost it with his complaining and just outright vigilance insisting that our pricing isn’t fair. I just didn’t really want to deal with him since he got me mad to the point that I wanted to curse and attack him.But I didn’t since he was already going to complain to management anyway.I don’t know what it is with customers these days that they think they can go into any retail outlet and ask for money they don’t deserve.

Another thing which has me writing up all night is my SUV broke down once again.And it is one of the main reasons that I am not able to sleep right now.I was hoping to drive the car home so I don’t really have to waste time going to the gas bar in the morning since I prefer to go there in the afternoon with the vehicle driven. Now that the car has broken down I have to waste time going through the motions of calling some association in towing my car to a mechanic. Maybe it would have been better if I had bought a new car  earlier since this SUV is older and used up.Boy what an embarrassment this is going to be tomorrow but these things happen to everyone and I just have to accept what’s done is done regarding the vehicle.

Correcting Botched Coupons Wasting Time And Money

Just thinking about work as usual and what is going to happen tomorrow. I would say that it is going to be the same as usual.It was fun yesterday while on the flip side of it not really fun since I kind of flipped out a bit on a customer who brought in one of these coupons in which I ended up having to give the discounts manually just so that they can get their discounts.It seems that the managers haven’t done much to correct the problem regarding these coupons since I am still dealing with messages that tell me that they have expired or invalid.I guess maybe it is a slow process since most of the systems of both companies are trying to merge together.

Whatever the case is they seem to be losing time with them since there are customers who have decided to shop elsewhere and buy their gas and food.I am having to think that merging two systems together after merging costs a lot of money because companies I think have different computer programs that run their systems which run differently and merging them or programming them to run the same way take up a lot of time and money because management has to buy or order these programs from elsewhere in order to run the systems properly which prints the coupons.So I am thinking that maybe the technicians have to do something else to correct this problem.

But problems in themselves have ways in turning themselves into crisis es if not dealt with right away. Integrating systems while trying to run a business is pretty tough and expensive because the time spent integrating systems and correcting problems can be used to make money or compete against their competitors because from what I am seeing right now, the company seems to be spending a lot of money correcting a lot of errors which is a very slow process.

Demarcus Cousins Gets Traded

Let me see here. What can I say about Demarcus Cousins? Well not a whole lot since he was a good basketball player up until the point when he got traded to the New Orleans Pelicans from the Sacramento Kings. I didn’t want to say this but it was about time that he got sent to a new team because from what I have heard is that he wasn’t very good due to his lack of playing ability, personal problems, anger issues and other things which often plague basketball players from time to time. I am hoping that his run with the Pelicans will actually go through for him because he already burned bridges with the Sacramento Kings.If that were the case imaging what he would look like whether or not he can take teams such as the Golden State Warriors or teams such as the Houston Rocket and others.

Speaking of anger issues I saw him recently on a YouTube video about him losing his cool with his coaching staff which I thought was pretty bad. The only good part about him was that he won a gold medal for Team USA but he hasn’t won a championship team even though he was on teams that had winning records.But he probably spent so much time on teams with losing records that coaches weren’t able to utilize his abilities on the basketball court. Demarcus Cousins is a prime example of maybe a bust since coming into the NBA. Maybe moving to New Orleans will change is attitude or outlook in life and improve his play. Or I could be wrong since as humans we tend to carry all of our emotions everywhere we go.