Illustrator Final Test/Gas Notes

Right now I am just going crazy just worrying about getting more followers on Twitter and thinking about what my final exam on Illustrator is going to be about.Now I heard that it is going to be an open book test so I can find the answers to these questions which will be on the exam.Now even though it is going to be an open book test I am still in a bit of an anxious mood because I don’t what types of questions will be on the test. And the hard part is that I won’t be able to get much guidance from my instructor since it is a test after even though it’s open book.The question is whether or not my classmates will be there for the final.As for the project,I am hoping to get a better mark on it because the last two assignments didn’t turn out very well in which I thought that I was going to get a better grade but it didn’t turn out that way.

But anyway, I was going to write in here earlier about work but never got the chance to since I was so tired from a long day and let me say that it wasn’t a very busy day cash wise because hardly any customers gave any cash to me and my coworker.All they did was give out debit and credit cards.So when I went to do my audit the cash received was very low and I ended up with a lot of credit and debit card slips.Even those were pretty low today and I must say that it was very unusual especially on a Tuesday.Hopefully business picks up in the next few days but all this rumors about closing down shop is just that,rumors since the store has been saying that for years but never got around to it.So I am not going to panic and worry about business because it seems to me that business is going great and it is a scare tactic that workers in the store use.


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