Quick Note On Upcoming Shift On Sunday

I will be brief here.It seems that I will be at work today now that my school is over and I am about to take a month off.But I am just a bit skeptical about the scheduling of work because I am curious as to why my coworker has to come late upcoming Sunday? I don’t know but that seems like a very strange schedule to work but hey, I worked late right up to closing time. But still it is an issue that needs to be looked at because the company in a way is compromising an employees security by operating this way.I say this because what if the guy their employee has to work with doesn’t show up? So, the person working has to work alone while waiting for customers to come even if they’re bad ones.

For the security, there is a chance of a robbery happening due to the person being alone at the gas bar.I don’t want to go through the process of being robbed again because the next time this happens I might not be so lucky because criminals in a sens can be very unpredictable. The next robber may carry a gun with him and shoot right away.


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