Fuel Station Entry

Just got back from work right now and I have to say that it was a pretty long shift even though I only worked for a few hours.It still felt like one long shift. But I must admit though that it is not really much work as what a nurse or doctor does because these two healthcare professionals work all around the clock without any breaks.Of course they do take breaks in short spurts they don’t take them frequently because they are constantly needed all around the clock.Working at the gas bar seems a lot easier but like the two professions it can be very stressful in a sense that a person is constantly risking their life and security due to the robberies which can take place like the robberies I had experienced almost a year ago.

Anyway, I must say that the gas price went down today and I am somewhat happy about that because for the last few days I had to watch the gas price go up and up and I made the assumption that the station I am at was just undercutting its competition due to them being a higher price than the station I am at.But low and behold we turned out to have our price as high as them.So that kind of made the playing field fair and square.Like you want to run a business in a fair and ethical way and not just out there to outdo the other business because there are laws which prohibit any business using undermining means in order to make more money.Now I know that the company I am with wants to make more money than the business they’re competing against due to the competitive nature of the retail industry.But I just think that there should be some balance which is fair because customers don’t like to get ripped off especially by the business they trust.

So I am happy that we are now playing fair and just sticking with a price that customers believe in and the price they trust.


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