Well, I only have a few minutes to spare here during my break so I will be brief. It looks like another shift has come once again and I must say to my surprise that the gas price has gone up once again. I thought that gas prices were sitting at $.94/liter but no. The price has gone up to over a $1.So it seems to me that most Canadians will be paying a whole lot at the pump and with the weather cold as it is I think that I will see a lot more people filling up their cars.

Right now things have been pretty quiet and there was something that I wanted to say but I guess that it can wait since it has to do with the retail industry and what is going on in it. I was going to write something about Under Armour on my other blog relating to business but for some reason I am just not able to get into the site due to it crashing. I don’t know what it is but these social websites tend to crash for some reason that I am not able to explain. But I will have to say that I think that it has to do with a whole lot of people using the sites at a very large rate or in large numbers.


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