Well, once again I am still not getting many followers today on Twitter since I have found out that I have lost some followers. But it’s all cool since I am not here to talk about the lost of followers. I came here to talk about what went on while I was at work. It is still the same thing which has happened yesterday last night. Not very many customers and just going through the motions as usual. Now what really has me writing is the scheduling that has taken place right now because I am still not sure as to why my supervisor has my coworker coming in to work late tomorrow night because I would have thought that he would be coming in at the same time as me. But this isn’t the case at all since I will be stuck with this person for the remainder of 5 hours.

It also tells me too that I am realizing that my supervisor is the one who not only makes the schedule but also coordinates as to what times she gets to work. This not only applies to her and the gas bar but this occurs in other places of business which deal with a medium to large number of employees. They make up the schedule and have to go with it  whether or not it’s agreeable or non agreeable. That’s just the way it goes with companies. Well I think that is all for now since I haven’t been reading much business and I am running out of time.


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