Side Hustles And Hustlers

So, it was another quiet night at the gas bar and I have to say that I am a bit surprised with the hours I am getting this week since I have been going to school for the last few days. Hopefully I get more hours next week because this week will be a very rough one since I am not getting many hours. I was hoping that I would be getting about at least 30-32 hours this week since my classes are already over and done with.This month I think that things should be improving but I wonder though if I will be making more money than usual. Of course with more hours comes the problem of not taking many days off to do or work on some side hustle but a side hustle comes with its own set of headaches and I will explain what these headaches are.

First off, a side hustle is a job which isn’t really very steady because the money isn’t steady as working for a company because the job itself isn’t steady.It is like a part time job with not many hours to fill because not a whole lot of customers call when a person does a side hustle and with that it will not be enough to pay the bills let alone taxes if you own the taxman. The second thing a side hustle isn’t is a high income generator because as I said the money isn’t steady enough for a side hustler who wants to save money for say a vacation or retirement. Especially retirement since a side hustle isn’t a big business that provides a person a retirement income and health care package. Health insurance is another issue that a side hustler has to deal with because small or medium size business owners don’t have enough in assets to provide their employees any health insurance.

So those are the stresses that side hustlers have to face especially financial since what I have listed in the above paragraph are financial stresses. But hey, I guess side hustles do provide the freedom or freedom of choice to do whatever they want to do that full time employees of big businesses or Fortune 500 companies don’t have. But working for big companies have their advantages too with the money that gets paid to their employees and the health and retirement benefits which come with it but not the freedom that side hustles come with.



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