Fuel Journal

Well, it was another shift which turned out to be a very interesting one to say the least because I had one customer who was very angry at me and my coworker for no reason.It was due to his incompetence in a sense because he had just put gas into his vehicle and came inside to pay for the gas and then suddenly he finds out that he had forgotten his wallet and other payment methods to pay for his gas.So that sort of stressed me out a little bit because I didn’t know what to do. I just lost for words as to what he had done regarding the unpaid gasoline. But I couldn’t help though that he was acting like some sort of arrogant jerk because he kept brushing off the fact that he screwed up and then tried to blame the ordeal on us when he was the one who got gas.

Also, let’s just say that I wasn’t in the very best shape to help him because I was thinking about something else. Plus I was constantly thinking about customers and how they’re lined up to pay for their gasoline. But I would say though that this customer was not a very pleasant man to deal with.He just kept smiling as if he was going to get free gas and never thinking about the fact that he had to pay for it.I was feeling a bit stressed and somewhat angry that he would forget his wallet when knowing that he had to buy gas and then somewhat added a bit too arrogant towards me.

So as you can see I was not happy with the exchange and hopefully this customer comes back on Friday to pay the amount because if he doesn’t then I will really be irate because the money paid is the money which has been earned by someone else.Not only that it is helpful but it helps to other people who want to use benefits.


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