African Immigrants

So far, no changes in the number regarding views of this blog.I am a bit surprised about it since I have been doing a whole lot of writing in here and I have very little time to just write in here everyday since I have other blogs to write in.But anyway, this news just in. I just read some news on the Bloomberg website about African Immigrants and I have to say that I was a bit surprised with the news that they have the highest income in all of the United States.I was surprised because I thought that when they came to North America that they were the poorest while most Asians had the most money but this isn’t the case.

I say this because most Africans often times come here to North America due to the fact that they already have degrees from universities back in their home countries.Also they come with the mindset that they want to work hard and succeed after getting an education and putting it to good use. I would also say that most African countries are emerging from their debt and want to come to North America in order to do some trade if they have their own businesses. But overall, I would say too that they not only have an education but also the persistence to succeed.

Although I must say that the number of Africans that come to North America only a small number of them are educated. The article I think only presents a small part of the population.So in a sense I have to say that the article only makes partial sense since it only talks about a small number of people. With that said, I have to say that its pretty sad that most Africans that come to the USA don’t want to associate with most African Americans because both groups can learn so much from each other.The article though doesn’t talk about the racism that African immigrants face after coming to America and I think as well they get mistreated just like most African Americans when it comes to education and housing but especially housing. So I will end this with that note.


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