My Take On The Charles Oakley Arrest

Just feeling a bit sleepy but I am awake enough to write about this guy who has been in the news as of late. I am going to talk about Charles Oakley who got caught in a little bit of heat due to arguing with some official or someone. Okay, he was losing it against The K nicks team owner in which I don’t know the name. But watching that video of the former player told me that Mr Oakley has some hot head and some temper. I don’t know what provoked him to attack the team owner but I would have to say that Mr Oakley did something and as a result of that got escorted out of the arena of course the police escorted him out to put the cuffs on him.

But this wasn’t the first time Charles Oakley was escorted out of the building for his temper. I would have to say that he was probably escorted out the door years ago as a player too for maybe hitting a man or a referee.I will never know but attacking the owner was an unfair proposition and if I was a team owner I wouldn’t even let someone like him back into the arena or any arena which has a team. Like I don’t know what he was thinking but an outburst like that was surprising to me especially from someone who used to play with the likes of Patrick Ewing. But Charles Oakley represents a number of former players who just cannot contain themselves off the court.

So I just have to end by saying that Mr Oakley is going to have to find a way to contain his anger since an outburst can not only cost him his job and future career aspirations but he can also temper himself out of a family since I don’t see many women like his wife who won’t tolerate any sort of temper tantrums like most kids do when they angry or they will probably be back with one of his school problem.


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