In Design Notes/Program Glitch

Alright, I am still in a limbo as to whether or not to register for the course today or wait until tomorrow to do it. I would have thought that waiting this month would help but I am realizing that it isn’t a lot of time for me to do any of that. As they say time waits for no man. So I will have to register quickly but I haven’t even gotten myself to practice some of the In Design let alone use it. Now there is a bit of glitch with the Illustrator that I have because for some reason it keeps displaying a message that something isn’t working on it. Maybe it has to be keeping the apps on the newer version when I went to uninstall the new version of the program. I should have just said no in keeping them. Which was what I did with the newer version of Photoshop.

I will just have to clean the drive on my computer and reinstall all of my programs but that would be tedious and time consuming on my part while at the same time it would probably be a real learning experience for me as well because it would have me revamp my technician skills as a computer tech which I haven’t done in a long time. I was meaning to get back into electronics again and I guess doing my own system would be a start in that direction. But the Illustrator programs isn’t working that bad and I would like to keep it as is but if I have to clean my drive then I have to clean my drive.


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