Well,I was going to write in my other blog but I am here so I might as well just get out what it is that I want to get out. I am hoping that people are watching me writing this blog post or any of the other posts I have been watching. Speaking of watching I will have to monitor my behavior as much as I can regarding this coworker I will be working with tonight because if I end up coming late from my break then I will be in trouble because he will probably end up snitching to my boss about my lateness. I don’t know but it just seems to me that people cannot be trusted even the people you work with.

Anyway, when I was coming home from the gym I was sort of going through these depressive episodes for no reason.I don’t know why but it could be that a lot has been going on in my mind. I am worrying about school, health of a family member and finding a new job while leaving the comfort of this present job that I am in at the gas bar. It is hard at times to leave a comfort zone especially if a person has been at a company for a long time. It is not just the money that keeps people there but the mindset that people develop when they have been working at a company doing the same job for many years. I am going through this myself right now with working at the gas bar with the fear of leaving the job and company for good while feeling bad about having to go to the same job in the first place with no change coming up.

Well, until something is found in the job market I will just have to tough it out at the gas bar but why the new company owners took away the training programs I will never know but its all good because I should have taken the job when the opportunity presented itself.


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