Unproductive Day/Taxes And The World Economy

Well, another three days has passed and I haven’t really done much constructive regarding the In Design and Auto CAD. Well, I have another day off after tomorrow so I will at least get a chance to redeem myself regarding production.I also have to register for the course  tomorrow since I didn’t get a chance to do that today due to working on my tax return.Taxes is something we all have to go through no matter how much money we make and famous people are no exception. In fact, famous people probably have to pay more taxes than average people like myself because they have all the star power on their side and make more money than average ordinary people like my friends and myself.

Which brings me to this person who owes money on back taxes. Steve Harvey, the comedian, actor and talk show host owes the IRS a lot of money. Now I didn’t think that he would owe that much money but I knew that sooner or later that the media would bring out his financial headaches and some from the IRS. The tax lien is in five figures and that is enough for anyone to go crazy who want to save their money while at the same trying to be in good terms with this revenue agency.Any revenue agency to say the least if you are in another country since even though the tax laws are different in other countries besides the United States, all tax systems are pretty much the same when collecting their fair share of taxes. They want their money and for people to report their incomes so they can use the money to run their countries.

This global economic system is run on money and without money businesses and/or the economic system remains at a standstill and everything and everybody will die since money is required to by not just food but medicines to heal us provided by hospitals which require money to run and to heal the sick in the world.So money is needed and in order for governments to run efficiently they need to get their money from somewhere and this somewhere are its citizens.


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