Fuel Notes

Back again here and I must say that it was a pretty busy night tonight at the gas bar. In fact it was very steady tonight that I couldn’t really do very much. I wanted to do some reading but I just couldn’t do any reading. I think it had something to do with the price or all the washer fluid we sold. We didn’t have much washer fluid when I started my shift up until my coworker went to the store to get some that I ended up selling a lot of them. I think that we are only going to sell more of them tomorrow and the next few days when I go to work again.

Anyway, I had to read some more notes on my coworkers in the communications handbook to see what my coworkers and me had done in the last few days. I don’t even know why some bosses end up writing in the book in which every one working in the same department can get into the book and read what’s there rather than speak to the person who committed the offense directly. Another words make a note in the book to have everyone read it. It is I think it’s an invasion of privacy but I guess that is how things are run now.


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