Fuel Notes

Well, it looks like I am going to be working for the next four days if I guessed correctly since I had a whole lot of days off.Even though I am not really looking forward to go to work it is something that every person has to do in his or her lifetime.I will probably either be working with the Asian guy or the Native woman, one of the two.But it is one of these shifts that I am not really looking forward to.

Anyway, it will probably be another busy day today which probably won’t be very good because as usual I am going to be getting a whole lot of last minute customers who will come at the last minute getting gas for their car.I don’t even know why we have to stay open til 11 PM since that time seems very old to me. I bet that management still hasn’t taken care of the problem regarding the coupons and other issues such as the receipts. It looks like it is never going to be done.So I will have to do whatever I can to avoid feeling stressed out when customers bring in those coupons.

I am going to keep on writing about work until something is actually done to fix this problem with the coupons.I know that most of management will be mad for reading this but having these problems linger for a long time seems unfair and disrespectful to not only coworkers but to customers too.


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