Fuel Economy Policy

I don’t have a whole lot of time left since I have a very short break. So I will be brief as much as possible. I just wanted to talk about the fuel economy policy that President Trump’s Administration is going to strum up. The US has to make some changes regarding its fuel economy policy. Now I don’t know what the fuel economy is going to be. The actual numbers I mean. But this is going to put a real dent in the automotive business in both Canada and the US. Automakers will have to start making cars that will match this policy that Trump is writing up.

Which means that automakers will probably end up raising the cost of some of their automobiles. Of course I don’t think that this along will stop people from buying brand new cars since we all need some transportation in our lives and both  Canada and the USA have a whole lot of roads which require vehicles. I am curious though what impact will this have on gas prices at the pump. Another words how much people will actually spend on gasoline. As with anything, we will have to take a wait and see approach on this policy.


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