Management Journal Entry

I wrote about something that apparently showed up on Google which I thought would never happen.But low and behold it showed up on the search website and I feel bad about that but I thought that I would get my feelings about my work schedule out there and about since in a way it’s unfair for any manager to put their employees through like that stuff I am going through.I don’t know where managers get the right to do something like this. Like when employees change their schedules all of a sudden due to something important and infringing on the managers time table they get all upset and all of a sudden they present a policy sheet right after telling them something important.

Managers have to realize that their employees will always have some things they have to do which are more important than working for a business which they really don’t own or control and they have to have the resolve and the maturity to handle changes that others make.They shouldn’t get mad all of a sudden and then displace their anger after getting upset and then do whatever they can to sabotage their lives in a passive aggressive manner. Change like rejection is a part of life since things don’t always go according to plan and like human beings managers have to learn to adapt and make adjustments to keep their businesses running smoothly.

I have seen this manager I have and has done it to some coworkers I use to work with and it’s just wasn’t fair. They would have schedules made for them and then suddenly when they have to change their schedules due to either a family emergency or education goals then she would get all mad and then suddenly sabotage them by either direct or indirect means by either not making a new schedule for them or just giving them unnecessary tasks to do.Rather than face their employees in a direct manner most managers resort to these tactics. I don’t know whether its low self esteem or jealousy but I would have to say both since they are not confident in themselves and are jealous of the other person who probably has better skills and more education.


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