Gas Bar Journal

Just some thoughts here from last night at the gas bar. It seems to me that I am not the only one who is complaining about the schedule that’s been set. Another coworker phoned the gas bar last night asking me about it. After I told him what it was he wasn’t very happy about it since he is only getting one day next week.It seems things aren’t going to change very much at that place despite all these rumors about the place closing down.So far nothing has happened that would indicate that both the store and station are closing down. So I think its safe to say that my coworker should find another job and I will be following my advice as well.

But one good part came from last night’s shift. That Colombian customer came back again to fill his car and I spoke a bit of Spanish to him. Key words, not the whole language since I am still a bit rusty with that language. He came on Friday to fill a family members car and last night he did his. So it was pretty good with the exception of that customer who decided to come at the last minute. I just don’t know why they are always doing that because they always have all day to come and buy gas but decide to just get gas at the last minute. I don’t know but this staying til late is sort of getting to me due the lack of security that we have. There has to be some way for me to talk to the union or management about these late closing times.


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