NBA All Star Game

So, what can I write about tonight now that I am here on this blog?Well for starters and endings I am just going to talk about sports since there was one event that I was going to watch on TV but couldn’t due to the simple fact that I had to work tonight. It has to do with the NBA All Star Game which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana in which the best players from the Western Conference were taking on the best players from the Eastern Conference and all the other events leading to this all star break. And it looks like the Western Conference won once again over the Eastern Conference. The score was 197-187. It was a pretty high scoring game once again with the Eastern Conference being on the losing end once again.

Now that the All Star Break is over maybe now the NBA can resume once again with the teams trying to find a way to get into the playoffs once again. Will it be Cleveland or Golden State meeting again for an NBA Title the third time? Or will it be some different teams that will meet?Well, I won’t know until they continue playing once again.I cannot say that I will see different teams this year since Cleveland and Golden State have pretty solid players whom are very good.It will take a miracle for any team to knock one of them out of playoff contention.


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