Demarcus Cousins Gets Traded

Let me see here. What can I say about Demarcus Cousins? Well not a whole lot since he was a good basketball player up until the point when he got traded to the New Orleans Pelicans from the Sacramento Kings. I didn’t want to say this but it was about time that he got sent to a new team because from what I have heard is that he wasn’t very good due to his lack of playing ability, personal problems, anger issues and other things which often plague basketball players from time to time. I am hoping that his run with the Pelicans will actually go through for him because he already burned bridges with the Sacramento Kings.If that were the case imaging what he would look like whether or not he can take teams such as the Golden State Warriors or teams such as the Houston Rocket and others.

Speaking of anger issues I saw him recently on a YouTube video about him losing his cool with his coaching staff which I thought was pretty bad. The only good part about him was that he won a gold medal for Team USA but he hasn’t won a championship team even though he was on teams that had winning records.But he probably spent so much time on teams with losing records that coaches weren’t able to utilize his abilities on the basketball court. Demarcus Cousins is a prime example of maybe a bust since coming into the NBA. Maybe moving to New Orleans will change is attitude or outlook in life and improve his play. Or I could be wrong since as humans we tend to carry all of our emotions everywhere we go.


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