Correcting Botched Coupons Wasting Time And Money

Just thinking about work as usual and what is going to happen tomorrow. I would say that it is going to be the same as usual.It was fun yesterday while on the flip side of it not really fun since I kind of flipped out a bit on a customer who brought in one of these coupons in which I ended up having to give the discounts manually just so that they can get their discounts.It seems that the managers haven’t done much to correct the problem regarding these coupons since I am still dealing with messages that tell me that they have expired or invalid.I guess maybe it is a slow process since most of the systems of both companies are trying to merge together.

Whatever the case is they seem to be losing time with them since there are customers who have decided to shop elsewhere and buy their gas and food.I am having to think that merging two systems together after merging costs a lot of money because companies I think have different computer programs that run their systems which run differently and merging them or programming them to run the same way take up a lot of time and money because management has to buy or order these programs from elsewhere in order to run the systems properly which prints the coupons.So I am thinking that maybe the technicians have to do something else to correct this problem.

But problems in themselves have ways in turning themselves into crisis es if not dealt with right away. Integrating systems while trying to run a business is pretty tough and expensive because the time spent integrating systems and correcting problems can be used to make money or compete against their competitors because from what I am seeing right now, the company seems to be spending a lot of money correcting a lot of errors which is a very slow process.


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