Customer Hassle Regarding Fuel Price/Auto Breakdown

It has been one of those nights I would like to forget.Just a trickle of events which has occurred tonight.First, dealing with a customer complaining about the price of diesel we had since he made the assumption that every gas station should have the same price of fuel not understanding that we based our prices on the gas stations around our area.Like I just about lost it with his complaining and just outright vigilance insisting that our pricing isn’t fair. I just didn’t really want to deal with him since he got me mad to the point that I wanted to curse and attack him.But I didn’t since he was already going to complain to management anyway.I don’t know what it is with customers these days that they think they can go into any retail outlet and ask for money they don’t deserve.

Another thing which has me writing up all night is my SUV broke down once again.And it is one of the main reasons that I am not able to sleep right now.I was hoping to drive the car home so I don’t really have to waste time going to the gas bar in the morning since I prefer to go there in the afternoon with the vehicle driven. Now that the car has broken down I have to waste time going through the motions of calling some association in towing my car to a mechanic. Maybe it would have been better if I had bought a new car  earlier since this SUV is older and used up.Boy what an embarrassment this is going to be tomorrow but these things happen to everyone and I just have to accept what’s done is done regarding the vehicle.


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