NHL And The Olympics

Just getting fatigued in taking in other content from the Net.So I will just start presenting my own content.Now that I am here what am I going to talk about? Not a whole lot since I am not able to come up with any topics.So I will just talk about sports since not much business news has come up.There seems to be no word on whether or not the NHL Players Union is going to allow NHL players to play in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. The NHL has been talking with the IOC to see if this will take place and I imagine they haven’t really come to a decision yet.Or maybe they have but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

And by the looks of things I don’t think that the NHL is going to let players play in the Olympic Games due to the travel insurance and costs that it has to endure due to traveling expenses it has to pay. As I have been saying, traveling is not cheap especially when they have to consider not only insurance but costs such as airplane tickets and maybe passport renewals.So it will be cost that the NHL will have to cover for the players.But I would have to say that the NHL isn’t really that big internationally since not many people watch the games on TV and live.To reach world markets they would really have to market themselves aggressively like the NBA,NFL and to some extent MLB in order to make the money that they need.

Ice hockey isn’t really a big sport around the world.The countries that the sport is popular in are Canada, Russia, Switzerland,Finland,Sweden and to some extent the United States.And this is because the nations I have mentioned are countries which have snow and they’re winter nations while in other countries around the world they never get a lot of snow.So what is the point of marketing a sport that’s not very popular globally?If you look at American football,baseball and basketball those sports are popular globally and the chances of growing an audience globally are high.While ice hockey on the other hand isn’t as popular globally.This is not to say that the NHL isn’t big globally. It is getting there.But I have to say that it isn’t popular and the market out there for the sport is non existent.

So in closing, ice hockey will be played but probably using a lot of amateur players and not NHL players but we will have to take a wait and see approach on that.



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