Short Notes On Steve Young

I wanted to write another entry in here last night but I got so tired that I had to wait until now to do some writing in here.Now I have some more sports to talk about here because it has to do with an article I read in  Business Week magazine about former NFL player Steve Young.Steve Young was the quarter back for the San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.He won one Super Bowl with the 49ers and then retired after a couple of seasons with the team. I read about him and apparently I found out that he now works in Finance.

But I did manage to find some very interesting stuff about him. He is not only a financier he is also a broadcaster who worked for ESPN and is now working for another network,I don’t know which one it is.But I have to say that he is also a lawyer too since getting his law degree from BYU. So he seems like a very educated individual and smart as well.Not a whole lot of players are able to make the transition from player to professional because often times what happens is that after they retire they end up broke because of a lack of purpose and mismanagement of finances.

So it seems that he managed to find his purpose after his NFL career ended unlike most players who end up broke after their careers.I don’t think they weren’t able to find their purpose either and post playing careers too like Steve Young was able to.


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