Car Notes

Another weekend has come again but it is the first weekend of March and another day off has come to me but celebrating is short lived since I will be back at work tomorrow.I will be excited once I pick up my car sometime next week.It is a small car and I haven’t driven any small car since from way back when I took drivers ed in high school when I drove an Acura Integra. I think that was the name of the model.Way back as I can remember Acura had sold very cheap cars but now that they managed to sell a lot and has driven Honda’s stocks through the roof, the cars have become expensive and pricey.The only cheap Acura model I can think of is I think the ILX subcompact sedan.I think that’s the name of the model but I am not sure.I will have to check their website.

Driving a small car will be adventurous,fun and of course economical since I will be saving money on gas and maybe repairs because it is a bit newer than the SUV I was driving.I was spending a whole lot of money fixing that vehicle and a lot of gas as well.Some mechanic that I took the car to when I went to get the muffler replaced told me that it had a lot of maintenance issues.I didn’t believe him at first nor I understood what he meant.But now I realized that the mechanic was right that it did have a lot of maintenance issues and I will add that it required a lot of work in order to make it new again.Of course it didn’t help with matters that the SUV had already been rebuilt after it had been wrecked years ago by another owner.

So, this just goes to show that buying a used car doesn’t always pay off in the long run if the car or truck had been rebuilt by a mechanic since most times some engine and body parts often don’t fit or run properly.


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