Back once again here and I am just a bit fatigued right now from work even though no one came at the last minute.Sundays are always slow as usual.I am just thinking about whether or not I am going to be able to see the car I am going to buy tomorrow and by the looks of things I guess it’s safe to say that I will be staying home since it snowed all night.It was decent outside when I was coming to work but it got really cold from that point on while I was working.I am not sure about this weather in Calgary at times since it stays sunny and warm one day then suddenly it gets cold and snows for reasons unknown.

Anyway, it was another dull and slow day with not a whole lot happening tonight.I am always having to think that there has to be more to life than just working and it brings me to some stuff that I want to talk about. It has to do with work and the issue surrounding that word.I am wondering how many hours per average that both Canadians and Americans work per week or even a year because it seems to me that we work so hard and long to a point that we are still not able to make ends meet.What I mean is that we work so much and hard and still not able to keep up with the process of inflation.I thought that the purpose of work is to not only make money but to offset inflation meaning prices of items increase while working to cut the deficit.

But what I am seeing though is this process of seeing the price of goods and services go up while seeing household incomes go down despite the hard work we do.


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