Gas And Auto News

Well, back again here and it has been a long while since I have written in here even though it has been only a few days let alone a week.I don’t have much time to talk so I will just get right into the details.I managed to check the gas price at one station last night on my way to school and we are sitting at about $.93/liter but I could be wrong since I was in the Northwest of the city.Now that I will be working in the Southwest of Calgary I will check the prices when I get to work.I will also be checking my schedule as well for next week. And by the looks of things I will probably working on Saturdays with this guy who at the first of last year gave me a hard time.

But for my sake and the company’s I am not going to name names. Anyways, I managed to read some gas stuff on some gasoline website and got some news about driving and taxes since it seems that everyone is filing their income taxes this month or the four months this year since the tax season started way back in January.It ends in April of this year with the American one being done early in April while the Canadian one ending at the end of April.It seems that if drivers are able to give their cars away to charity then they might be able to get to write off their taxes on their cars.

That’s all I have to say for now.


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