Short Note

It’s been a long while since I have written in here.But I just had to take some time off to reorganize my thoughts. It can really be draining having to write everyday and I see why most writers are having to take take off to refresh their batteries and then start the writing process again.I have done that with this blog since I was on my other blog trying to do something which unfortunately hasn’t work.But I am going to keep trying.Anyway, I did manage to get the glimpse as to what is going on in the petroleum industry.Now I have checked that the oil price has gone up a bit and I think that it is on the rebound.But still, I don’t think that it will recover fully in time for companies to be hiring again.

It just seems that we are going to continue being somewhat in the red with regards to oil and gas.The gas prices have gone down amazingly.Which was one of the reasons why we were so busy at the beginning of my shift.Then as usual died down at the end of the night.


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