NFL Trades And The Business Side Of The League

Just a bit of stuff to relay onto you.I have been watching a bit of sports as of late and a lot has happen off the radar.What I mean is that a lot has been going on in the NFL off the field that I haven’t been able to watch due to a lack of time.But what has been happening is that I saw a lot of running back make some decent trades off the field.And most of them I have been seeing are signing up for the Seattle Seahawks. I am not able to name some names since I don’t know them but I have seen them on television and I have to say that some trades have been good while others not so good.Of course not only the running backs but the defensive backs and some quarterbacks have been making some attempts in getting traded to some teams.

While there are some players that are staying put respectively and I have to applaud them for it because lately at times I have been hearing a whole lot of rumors that they were going to get traded to different teams but after learning that they were going to get better deals by the teams I think they have decided to change their minds and stay altogether. This football business is very vicious and cunning in a way while at the same time it is an legit business. I mean pro sports to say the least.It is not only a big business but I would have to say that it’s a pretty small business as well because there are situations where most team owners are not able to pay their top players a whole lot of money due to the salary cap which often happens to them when they have to pay their other players on their roster.

But regardless to what I wrote in here I still have a whole lot to learn about the business of the NFL and not just that but the whole business of sports.I didn’t know that the NFL in a way is a company which owns teams but that is what I am learning right about now.Most teams are franchises which often operate like businesses in which players can quit the team at anytime and switch to another team.Just like employees quit a company and apply to work in another company.It’s not just an athletic league in which players just play in for fun.They have to realize that the NFL is a business and it should be treated as such.



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