Writer’s Block/Small Fuel Note


Well, it was another night that has passed and now I will be just waiting for tomorrow to come so that another day gets passed.Now I have been trying to get the urge to write in here almost everyday but I just haven’t been able to do that due to the lack of time I get but also the lack of topics I haven’t been able to strum up at the top of my head. I really do want to write everyday but like every writer that I know about I am also running into the chilly winter. But I am hoping to strum up with something because right now as of late, I am getting a bit tired but I will get this off before heading off to bed.

Anyway,I will try and get this off before I doze off in the chair or maybe at the computer. I was just thinking about my former coworkers at the gas bar and how they are doing this time around. I say this because I ended up seeing the mother come in to buy some food and tobacco products. I was going to see her but I never really get up fast in the mornings since my shifts are always at night.But stay tuned as I will be back to give out the business and sports report.


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