Dwight Clark And NFL Issues

I am already here on this blog so I might as well write what it is that has me lingering on my mind. It has to do with former football player Dwight Clark.I don’t if this is true but I heard some stories that he is suffering from this disorder of ALS or something. I don’t know whether it has something to do with nerve damage or concussion,but I do know that he isn’t able to do very much with is body from a physical standpoint. It is just unfortunate that he caught this disorder and became another player who fell into the bate of players getting a lifetime injury.

So I would have to say that the NFL isn’t doing enough to compensate former players regarding their lifetime injuries since a couple of former players either developed other diseases or ended up killing themselves due to head injuries and traumas. I am sure that there are other former NFL players like Dwight Clark who have had these issues but failed to come forward. The NFL should do a lot more than do just a bunch of research and give money away because an NFL career doesn’t last long due these issues and a lack of education on the players part.


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