Journal Entry On Gasoline,Petroleum And The Economy

Okay, I am going to see if I am able to write two entries at the same time.It can be done but knowing the writing process it is going to be impossible. Anyway, I will be working today at the gas bar with a coworker for an hour, then I will be working with a different one. It was pretty quiet yesterday at the gas bar with only a few odd rushes and I think it has to do with the gas price, which has gone up a couple of days ago and not going down anytime soon.

Also, the oil price is what I am going to talk about here on this paragraph since it has been falling around the $50 area and no sign of it going any higher. I will have to check up on it either today before heading off to work or maybe tomorrow. But I wonder though if the Liberal government is going to find some other means of getting the Canadian economy up and running with other sectors besides the petroleum industry because it seems to me that every one is just waiting around for the oil price to go up before companies and ordinary citizens take any sort of action.

Well by the looks of things I don’t think it will happen anytime soon because it seems that we tend to get into this comfort zone of just relying on oil to boost the economy and not rely on other sectors such as manufacturing, construction and technology. I don’t know what Justin Trudeau is doing with the economy but I am thinking that maybe he should really start talking to his administration in finding ways to boost it and fast because he has been sitting in Parliament for a long while and so far as I can tell he hasn’t done much for the Canadian public. But then again, voting for any party hasn’t done much to boost the economy.


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