Writers Block/Exercise Journal

So, what can I talk about today since I am on this blog?It seems that every time I come here to write, for some reason I am just not able to get any words out of my head and onto this screen. For the last few months I have been able to get a lot of words out but now I am just not able to because of the fear of people reading it and not like it. The audience at times can be very harsh but even harsher when we criticize ourselves because we can become our own worst critic.Just like we can become our own worst enemy if we let it.

Now, I just got back from the gym about an hour ago and just taking a rest before heading out the door once again. But just wanted to elaborate on my workouts right now because it seems to me that I am making progress with them even though to me it doesn’t feel like it since the pounds are still not coming off even though from a visual standpoint my stomach doesn’t feel that big since my pants are becoming looser at the waist. I have been making some improvements on my eating habits. Well, at least I try my best to do it anyway. But I confess, it’s hard to do because once the weight is gained it gets hard to lose it again due to age and metabolism.



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