Renovations Regarding The Gas Station

Just something quick before a show comes on.I was going to check my schedule and leave a note for my boss but I will wait until I get to work. Now I have been saying to myself that some restaurant is due for renovations because of the outdated equipment that’s in the place and which from my observation isn’t attracting much business. But I guess that some people are resistant to change like most of us because it’s scary at times since we want the change to guide us and not threaten since we want to be comfortable. That’s understandable.

But there is something inside ourselves that tell us that life in a way can be pretty dull and stagnant if we remain comfortable. And that is what I am sensing in the gas bar with regards to keeping the building as it is. I think that it’s due for a renovation because as far as I can tell, the gas bar was built around 2000 – 2001 and it looks like its slowly getting out of date. I go to other gas stations or some gas stations and they seem to be up to date with new cabinets, shelves and merchandisers. The one I am at seems out of date and the architecture worn out.Of course let’s not forget about the floor plan itself. There is no emergency exit for any person to escape. So I think that the gas bar needs some renovations and a change with its floor plan.

I know this and my boss knows this as well because I have heard her mention this a few times too. The question is whether or not the owners will actually put any money into planning this construction project.


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