Drawing/Collecting Pennies

I am just lost for words right now because I am just stuck in a rut due to writers block. But like anything in life I can only do the best I can with the equipment I got. I will try and get something in my other blog because I have to keep my graphic design portfolio updated as much as possible. For starters I will finish off the drawing I have and then post it on Twitter.

Anyway, I was just taking a few minutes of my time to collect coins and to round them up because I am going to take them to a place to get recycled or melted since they are metal plates. But I suspect that they are medal because if I had wrapped then these would be a lot of pennies for me to deposit. I am wondering though if the people will take those coins because the Bank Of Canada had already destroyed the currency and abolished the penny which makes it hard for people to dispose this coin if people are still carrying them  in their homes.



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