Still Thinking About Lotto Screw Up

Alright, what will I want to say that now I have had three days off in a row? Finally tomorrow I will be heading back to work. Although I haven’t lost any sleep over that note my supervisor wrote to me I am still feeling the after shocks of that incident. But I realize that I just cannot control what other people say about me. Plus it isn’t my business as to what people think of me. That note could have been that she was in a bad mood or had a lot on her mind that she wrote that and blew my mistakes way out of proportion. I don’t make that many errors while working on the lotto but it seemed that my supervisor made it that way.

Oh well, if that’s the case then I guess I have to accept it and move on since that’s in the past. Anyway, tomorrow has its own issues at the gas bar.So I just have to think about what I will be doing tomorrow and just hope that I never make the same mistake with the lotto again.But the method itself with regards to keeping the transaction stubs for the lotto is a tedious process I think because all it will do is just bring in more paperwork and more stress. Unnecessary paperwork which it brings in more headaches. Now management has to keep all this paper which eventually ends up going to waste anyway. Most of it ends up in the garbage never to be seen again.

So keeping the receipts I have to say is a questionable thing that I have but I guess now that’s the way of doing things.


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