Letting Go

Well, it is about time that I have written in here while I am out of the house. I guess that it’s good to explore different surroundings because some people can really go insane while staying stuck in their homes or surroundings. Now I am going to talk about something which people have difficulty doing. And that is letting go of things. I know that there are times when  we have difficulty letting go to certain things such as a job, old friends and maybe a relationship.

But I think that it is essential to do this but at times I find it hard to do because of the feelings that they carry. I am not alone on this since there are people out there who have difficulty letting go of certain things since it gives us some feelings to security and keeps us from getting hurt. Another words it adds protection from the forward events that we are likely to face. But in a way it prevents us from growing and seeking opportunities which are probably better for us such a new job or relationship.

I am guilty of not letting go at times due to the job I am in but gradually I am working through the pain and just starting to realize that moving on is becoming more essential than holding on to the possibility that things will improve at the gas bar with regards to change in management. I am realizing this and it is becoming obvious that hoping or pleading isn’t going to change this persons mind or behavior. So, I will just have to let go of this hope and move forward to another job.


Cleveland Loses First Playoff Game

Yes, the title says it all. The Cavaliers fell tonight to the Boston Celtics by the score of 111-108. It was a last minute three pointer by this player that I don’t know the name of but it was a floater which I thought was not going to go in but with luck it fell into the basket. I thought that the Cavaliers would put this game way since they were leading as much as 25 points in the first half.

But for some reason they blew it and allowed Boston to come back from that deficit. The Celtics it seemed tore a page out of the Cavaliers book with regards to shooting three pointers and used it to their advantage. So the only unbeaten team now is the Golden State Warriors who have a chance to put away the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow night to remain the only unbeaten team but that remains to be seen.

Technology And It’s Affect On The Job Search

Well, I have to say that I have been on somewhat of a vacation since getting my hours reduced.But it hasn’t been a vacation of some sorts because I have been looking for some jobs and passing out resumes. Speaking of  job search, a lot has changed over the years and we have to thank technology for that while at the same time think twice about its effect on us as humans. While it has made it easier for most people by sending out resumes to most companies in some cases it has been a problem because of the lack of contact. What I mean is technology has made it impossible for people to meet face to face in which the employee that’s going to be working for a certain company cannot really meet the person who is has received your resume and cover letter.

The face to face meetings has somewhat disappeared when it comes to these job searches in which you are able to at least say hi and to basically see the person you will likely work with. Also see the whole company itself and getting to know its corporate culture and how it operates. With technology such as e-mail, I phone and other tech gadgets in the office there has been somewhat of a disconnect with humans when it comes to these tools. Like where is the process of going on foot when it comes to passing out resumes to companies? Now I know that people eventually take this traditional route when it comes to looking for a job but most companies don’t want candidates to do that anymore which is somewhat strange because how do people meet when it comes to jobs?Let along advancing careers?

But I guess now that companies want us to pass out our resumes on the computer by e-mail since it is faster method for them in reading it and making their assessment as to whether or not the candidate would be a perfect fit for their company. The same is in dating which calls for another entry.But this has to do with job searches. I am not saying that e-mail is a bad thing because there are times when most people are not able to pass out their resumes live in person due to time constraints.But I am saying that there should be a balance of both in which people not only apply for jobs online but to actually go to places and give out their resumes to employers that control the businesses.